Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My First Blog Post or What Took You So Long Mel Mitchell?

I have worked with ERP software solutions for well over 30 years and started when they were originally called accounting systems.  Much has changed since then as technology dramatically transformed the way organizations operate.

Actually, the first software I helped develop was a payroll system for an aerospace manufacturer who was receiving many government contracts.  The company did a good job, their products worked but they needed better data processing and reporting systems.  Whether my client was the prime contractor or one of the subs, they had to track and report material, equipment and labor costs for just about everything they did.  Automated payroll was the first application that was implemented.

Since then software has changed how organizations do their business.  Even today friends, family and business associates ask me “What are ERP solutions?”  Unfortunately, I tend to answer in technical terms and am often met with blank stares.  These conversations then seem to evolve into other discussions about politics (especially these days), movies, world matters, celebrities or the weather.  I eventually bring these conversations back to ERP solutions and sum up by saying that they are everywhere!  Please see my next blog post that defines ERP solutions.

So my goal for this blog site is not to discuss every aspect of ERP systems as there is a large body of knowledge available about this technology.  A Google search could be overwhelming.  What I plan to do here is present my experiences with planning, designing, developing, selecting and implementing ERP solutions.  I hope others will join in and share their experiences.  Hence, ERP Solution Insights! 

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